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Copper cathodes

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Copper cathodes are flat billets obtained through a process of copper electrolysis, they have high purity and quality.

Copper cathodes are produced according to Russian national standard GOST 859-2014 and GOST 546-2001 from copper grades M00k, M0k, M1k, M2k.

Copper cathodes have high thermal and electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, therefore they are used for the production of deformable semi-finished products (ingots, wire rods). Finished products from copper and its alloys, such as electric cable, copper powder, automobile tires, etc. are also produced from copper cathodes.

Copper cathode is an end product of copper ore and copper alloys processing and using. After the processing, the substances acquire specific structure. Copper cathodes are produced with advanced technologies and fully meet the Russian national standard GOST, which guarantees their high purity and excellent quality.

Copper cathodes are often used with other alloys in metal industry elements production. These products considered to be semi-finished and include:

  • Wire.
  • Buses.
  • Specific powders and second-rate fillers.
  • Electrolytes and soft plates.


Regardless the field, it is worth paying attention to the quality of products. Copper cathodes have special characteristics and their GOST should be considered when using.

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